The foremost goal of our Safety & Risk Control services at Morris & Garritano is to empower business owners to build and maintain a strong safety culture within their organization. We are committed to supporting our clients in reducing the frequency and severity potential of workplace incidents, avoiding unnecessary expenses, and improving operational efficiency.

Through our expertise and insight, we partner with you to establish sustainable risk management strategies and best practices that can enhance the effectiveness of your safety program and reduce your overall cost of risk. We place a strong focus on leading indicators that measure performance rather than failure and promote continuous improvement. Our consultants take a personal approach to risk control so that we may understand your business and offer practical solutions that meet your unique needs.

Man in hard hat and safety jacket walking around parking lot inspecting building

We recognize that the emergence of new hazards and rapidly changing regulatory requirements has made workplace safety increasingly challenging for employers. We maintain up-to-date knowledge of changes in both Federal and State workplace safety standards as well as enforcement trends to help you achieve sustainable compliance and avoid costly fines.

Morris & Garritano’s Safety & Risk Control Services provides support in the following areas:

  • Written safety program assessment and development
  • Safety training guidance and resources
  • Workplace hazard identification and injury trend analysis
  • Accident investigation and root cause analysis assistance
  • Workplace safety regulatory compliance consulting
  • Cal OSHA citation appeal support
  • Easy-to-use online OSHA Incident Recordkeeping Log

Tools & Resources


Well-versed in the intricacies and difficulties of understanding compliance requirements, our team of experts are trusted industry leaders in ensuring our clients feel comfortable and confident in their understanding of these impacts on their business.

Safety & Risk Control Education

For generations, we’ve prided ourselves on providing peace of mind to our clients by offering helpful resources, easy-to-understand education, and personalized service.

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