Morris & Garritano’s personalized human resource expertise and services fill a critical need for businesses of all sizes, helping you build and maintain a strong company culture, drive employee engagement and performance, and mitigate people-related compliance risks that exist in every organization.

Our seasoned HR consulting team understands the complex regulatory landscape employers face and believes in balancing mandated federal and localized standards with practical solutions, helping you achieve sustainable compliance while reducing your employment liabilities that come with managing people in your organization. You can trust our team to provide the latest and most relevant advocacy to support you and your company where it matters most: protecting your people.

Morris & Garritano’s in-house human resource services include personalized support and mentorship on a variety of HR functions:

  • Employee Relations
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Leave of Absence Administration
  • Wage and Hour Obligations
  • Discrimination and Harassment Prevention
  • Recruitment, Hiring Practices, and Retention
  • Recordkeeping & Posting Requirement
  • Training & Development
  • Employment practices and procedure consultation
  • Personnel policy development assistance
  • Periodic educational seminars
  • Provision of required workplace postings

Exclusive access to Mineral™ solutions allow employers to utilize advanced technology and authoritative resources helping you prepare and manage HR administrative responsibilities with:

  • A Smart Employee Handbook builder to easily create a federal and single-state compliant handbook. Should regulations change, applicable policies in the handbook will be automatically updated to keep you compliant.
  • Unlimited access to an extensive training course library and learning management system
  • Environment Health and Safety (EHS) features incident OSHA reporting and training
  • Proactive Law Alerts with current information about new and changing State and Federal laws
  • A Compliance Calendar to see when filing deadlines approach so you never miss a compliance event or critical due date
  • An HR Assessment tool can evaluate your company’s current state of compliance

Tools & Resources


Managing Leaves of Absences

It can be hard to tackle or even understand what types of leaves are available to an employee and what the legal requirements are at play. Our library of tools and resources can help you make sense of and unwrap the more difficult-to-resolve leave administration issues. For access to the toolkit, please contact Kely Blackburn at

Labor Law Posters

Morris & Garritano has partnered with Cal Chamber to build a custom M&G Labor Law Poster Storefront where you will be able to submit your poster requests online and have materials shipped directly to you!

Coming December 2022

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