For over a century, we have prided ourselves on consistently providing our clients with top-tier comprehensive coverage and excellent service. Whether you operate a small, local business or a multi-regional corporation, we will find the property & casualty insurance solution to meet the specific needs of your operation.

At Morris & Garritano, we extensively examine your business and its unique exposures to identify and mitigate potential risk. We advocate for you, leveraging our strong carrier relationships to develop a policy that best fits your company’s needs. From the analysis of risk to the placement of coverage, and through the proactive servicing of your policies, we will earn and keep your trust. Your business is unique — so your insurance should be too.

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Product Offerings

Leveraging our breadth of offerings and strong carrier relationships, we work to tailor a comprehensive insurance solution built to meet the specific needs of your operation.

Safety & Risk Control

Utilizing our expertise and insight, we partner with you to establish strategies for reducing potential incidents and improving operational efficiency by providing program development tools, training and resources, and OSHA compliance consulting.

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Workers’ Compensation Claims Analysis

Our goal is to get your injured workers the care they need by advocating for both employer and employee with attentive communication, strategic processes, and performing experience modification reconciliation on your behalf if necessary.

P&C Claims Advocacy

Our strategic approach to claims advocacy, offering personalized support and consulting, ensures we are ready to assist your organization in navigating through the claims processes with the goal of facilitating a prompt and fair resolution.

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Bonds & Surety

After a century of experience, we offer technical expertise and leverage our exceptional carrier relationships to ensure your business’ success with rigorous market search and collaboration.

HR Services

Our dedicated human resource consultants and services fill a critical need by providing support and advocacy with timely resources, personalized coaching, and practical solutions for workplace management.

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