Our seasoned and experienced team at Morris & Garritano has been trusted for generations to customize solutions for high-net-worth private client individuals and families. We understand what it takes to manage risk and plan for the future in safeguarding your assets.

Through personal relationships and exceptional service, our team will assess your needs to establish an insurance program that best suits you. Our clients can expect competitive coverage and expert analysis with concierge level assistance available from our in-house team.

At Morris & Garritano, we are dedicated to offering our clients personalized support at the time of purchase and at the time of need.

Private Client Advantages

  • Holistic analysis to build a custom personal insurance portfolio
  • Broad coverage and competitive pricing
  • Concierge-level service with in-house claims advocacy
  • Annual insurance portfolio review
  • Collaboration with trusted advisors such as CPAs, attorneys, and financial planners
  • Ongoing updates on evolving coverage options

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