Our Critical Case Management team is dedicated to timely authorizations, claims, and appeal resolutions for you, your employees, and their family members. Our specialists apply critical expertise to provide the best support possible when your employees and their families are in need.

Critical Case Management
From time to time, you and your employees are faced with serious medical conditions. This can be a frightening and challenging situation. Our team is capable of delivering the knowledge and experience needed to navigate through these difficult times. From referrals to appeals, we are with your employees every step of the way.

Claims Analysis & Arbitration
As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, erroneous or inaccurate claim processing can result in significant sums of money being incorrectly billed to your employees. This can affect the bottom line for both the employer and the employee, causing stress and confusion. Our team is here to guide and support you and your employees through these complex and challenging situations.

We offer personalized support with:

  • Finding physicians, facilities, or coverage in times of urgent need
  • Balancing the complexity of carrier and provider issues to reach timely outcomes
  • Bilingual on-site and in-house assistance
  • Critical claims management appeals and authorizations guidance
  • Protecting privacy, a dedication reflected by our Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) certification
  • Appeals & Grievances

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