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Learning the Lingo

From copays to deductibles, HMOs and PPOs, find clarity in insurance term literacy. Learn the lingo with this easy-to-understand glossary of the most commonly used (and misunderstood!) words and phrases.

Contact Your Carrier

Find easy access links to contact your carrier. Whether needing to pay a bill, file a claim, or make a request, we’ve compiled all the contact information you’ll need to easily find your carrier and get connected.

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While you can contact our helpful Advocacy Team by phone or email during regular office hours, you may also explore our comprehensive resources to learn more about the frequently asked questions and topics we specialize in.

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What to Expect at Open Enrollment

Feel confident and prepared with tips from our experts on what to expect during Open Enrollment. Whether changing your coverage, renewing elections, or navigating a carrier change, find comfortability and ease in your process.

Video Library

Find quick-bite videos breaking down common topics for better understanding of your coverage and general insurance processes. We discuss frequently asked questions and offer clarity in an easy and accessible space.


What is open enrollment?

Open Enrollment is the annual window when you are able to make changes to your benefits elections. It happens once a year around the same time every year. You can talk with us or your company’s HR to find out when your group renews.

When can I add my dependents to my plan? And who qualifies as a dependent?

You can add dependents to your plan during your annual open enrollment period or if you or your dependent(s) have a qualifying event outside of open enrollment (such as a marriage, divorce, birth, loss of coverage, etc.)

Eligible dependents may include your children up to the age of 26 and/or your spouse or domestic partner.

It is important to know that if you are adding a child or spouse with a different last name, some carriers require documentation (such as a birth or marriage certificate) proving that they are your dependent.

What counts as a qualifying event? And when do I report it?

Loss of coverage, gaining new coverage, marriage, birth of a child, divorce, etc. are considered Qualifying Events. You typically have 30 days from the date of the event to report your QE and make changes.

What is my deductible?

This depends on the plan you are currently enrolled in, but your deductible is the amount you must pay before your insurance kicks in. After you hit your deductible, then you will pay coinsurance until you hit your out-of-pocket max. Exact amounts will vary from plan to plan.

What is out-of-pocket max?

Your out-of-pocket max is the maximum amount you will pay in your plan year for covered, in-network services.

How does coinsurance work?

Coinsurance is what you pay after you meet your deductible. Once you hit your deductible, your insurance will start to pay a set percentage of your medical costs.

An example of this is say you have 30% coinsurance on hospital visits. Once you hit your deductible, you would pay 30% of the costs and your insurance would pay the other 70%.

What is the main difference between an HMO and a PPO?

The main difference between the two is that an HMO is a permission slip system. You need to get established with your in-network primary care provider first and then they can refer you to any specialist that you might need or request to see.

A common example of this is having a mole you want looked at, you would need to go to your primary care provider first, and then they can refer you to a dermatologist within the in-network medical group if it’s something the primary care provider can’t help with themselves first.

If you were on a PPO and you wanted to see a dermatologist, you could just make an appointment with them directly. You would not need the referral from your PCP first.

Does my HMO have out-of-network benefits?

HMOs do not have out-of-network benefits.

PPOs have in and out-of-network benefits, but the in-network benefits are much better.

Will I have coverage with my HMO if I'm traveling outside of my home base?

HMOs give you coverage with a medical group and these are based on geographical locations. If you are traveling with an HMO, only emergency services will be covered. If the need is not an emergency, you are expected to wait to receive care until you are back with your primary care doctor.

PPOs give you coverage wherever there are in-network providers. This is beneficial if you travel or visit family a lot you can go to an in-network doctor out of state and still be covered.

What do I do when I think a bill I've received is incorrect?

Do not delay or ignore the bill as this may have negative impacts on your credit. The quickest way to verify a bill is to create an online account with your insurance carrier which will allow you to view processed claims. If you’d like additional assistance with this process, please reach out to our Advocate Services team members at 855-662-1029 or via email

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