Jul 12, 2023

Career Story: Julia Dorst

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    Career Story: Julia Dorst


    Julia Dorst has worn a lot of hats in our agency and become a vital asset with a deep understanding of who we are. Her tenure has allowed her to become a staple among our ranks.

    Learn more about Julia’s journey and how she developed her career with M&G.


    At Morris and Garritano, we take pride in developing our people and fostering an environment where talent can thrive. One of our best and brightest is Julia Dorst. 

    From her early beginnings as a temporary front-end receptionist at M&G, Julia has risen through the ranks, worn many hats, and gained expertise in various departments over the years. 

    “Julia has held just about every position the Commercial Lines Department has to offer,” shares colleague Sheri Bruner, Commercial Lines Service Manager. “She’s played a pivotal role in the ongoing evolvement of not only the department, but the agency as a whole.” 

    In the beginning, Julia joined M&G with no prior experience in the insurance industry. Jumping into her role at the front desk, she embraced the challenge of a new environment and quickly found her footing. She spent her early days answering phones, managing faxes, and handling the variety of administrative tasks that made their way across her desk. 

    Seizing an opportunity for growth and advancement, she moved on to work in our Commercial Lines department, starting as an entry-level data processor. Julia’s ability to adapt and her determination to continuously learn propelled her forward. She took on renewals, onboarded new business, and even delved into claims, all while building strong relationships with colleagues, producers, account managers, and underwriters.  

    During her tenure, she came to occupy a number of roles including Marketing Representative, Account Manager, Training & Development, Supervisor, Office Manager, and Account Executive, gaining vast and valuable experience, understanding what each position required, and growing her perspective to encapsulate the breadth of needs for the many facets of her department. 

    “Julia has been in nearly every role in Commercial Lines here at M&G,” says Mark.  “She has been around to see us through many evolutions, and she has been a large part of our growth as well. She knows how this industry works, how we work, therefore she has a unique ability to handle almost all roles and make a difference in those roles.” He emphasized what an asset to the company Julia has become. 

    Julia has enjoyed the opportunity to develop lasting connections with both internal and external stakeholders. Through her interactions with colleagues and carriers, she began relationships that now span over two decades. More than just a client call, Julia lives our core value of “building meaningful relationships” by keeping a personal connection with those she works with, remembering details that give clients a feeling of comfort and personalization to the interaction. 

    “Julia is all about the client experience,” Sheri Bruner says. “It’s very important to her to build trust and form lasting relationships with both peers and clients. Building trust comes easy for Julia because she’s genuine. She works with clients to understand her business and then works with the underwriters to craft a portfolio that supports their needs. In addition to understanding the business needs, she also makes it a point to connect personally which is what makes Julia truly unique!” 

    As Julia’s career advanced, she faced new and complex responsibilities. She eagerly embraced each challenge, further expanding her knowledge and skills. Recognizing her potential, her leaders help provide her with opportunities to attend industry conferences, workshops, and training programs. These experiences broadened her understanding of the insurance landscape and equipped her with the tools necessary to excel in her role. 

    Julia’s exceptional performance and passion for learning led to continued promotions and increased responsibilities. Her ability to effectively communicate, delegate tasks, and motivate her team members has made her a respected leader within the company. 

    As needs arise, Julia steps up. 

    In her current role, she now serves as Commercial Account Executive to Mark Anelli, Sr. Risk Advisor, Regional VP of Southern CA, assisting him in his tasks and responsibilities. 

    “Without her, I cannot get out and bring in new clients,” Mark states. “Her knowledge and experience allow me to feel confident that she can support my clients while I go out and get new clients.” 

    “She has an amazing personality,” he continues. “She’s relatable and kind and does her work with a smile. She has grown in her confidence as a knowledgeable professional that is capable of helping any and all our clients with excellence.” 

    When asked what keeps her at M&G, Julia describes how the company feels like home to her—a place where she has found a supportive community and formed enduring friendships. The familiarity and connection she shares with colleagues add a sense of belonging, while the company’s commitment to her growth and the opportunity to contribute her unique skills and passions have kept her motivated and fulfilled. 

    As Julia continues her career at M&G, she remains committed to fostering a culture of growth and development. She mentors and guides junior team members, sharing her knowledge and experiences to help them thrive. Her dedication to uplifting others and giving back to the company that has provided her with so much is a testament to her character and values. 

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