Jan 10, 2023

Career Story: Jordan Sullivan

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    Career Story: Jordan Sullivan


    Jordan’s unique ability to organize information and execute on initiatives makes her a powerful force behind the operations of our company.

    From her early years as an intern to now a director and shareholder, Jordan has grown as a staple in our leadership. Her continued efforts allow the agency to continue achieving its goals.


    At Morris & Garritano, our people are the backbone of all that we do. We proudly invest in our teams and believe in playing to their strengths, offering developmental opportunities and personalized career paths that enhance the satisfaction of our people and the productivity of our workplace.  

    Among our ranks, one particularly notable career path is that of Project Management Director, Jordan Sullivan. Beginning as a college intern in 2010, Jordan now serves in an elevated role that perfectly pairs her abilities and unique talents with our agency’s goals.  

    Early on, Jordan spent time interning in our HR department before moving into Administration and working as our Executive Assistant. She worked closely with our established leaders, coming to serve as a trusted “catch all” for any projects that came down the pipeline. Jordan brought a readiness and eagerness to lend a helping hand wherever she could and enjoyed the variety in her responsibilities. 

    Recalling those early years, Jordan explains the “osmosis” she experienced having a unique opportunity to observe and take in valuable insight into the company’s operations. “I worked closely under [our CEO and COO,] Brendan and Kerry, and would sit in a lot of meetings with them,” she explains. “Getting to hear how they interacted with other employees or clients, I was able to absorb so much. I quickly came to understand our culture, how we communicate, and our goals for growth and development.” 

    Using her unique exposure to the inner workings of our organization and energized by new challenges, Jordan became a driving force behind the plans, projects, and events. Taking on a variety of initiatives, Jordan’s efforts to rise to the occasion were noticed and valued.  

    “Jordan has this wonderful talent for absorbing and refining complex information and bringing our visions to life,” Kerry Morris says, Chief Operating Officer at M&G. “She is our executor! Jordan brings accountability and structure to all our initiatives. I don’t know what we’d do without her.”  

    As the agency grew, Jordan’s responsibilities swelled to capacity. New roles were pioneered through her with additional hires being brought on board to fulfill the expansion of needs, widening our Administration Department. Under her supervision, the agency filled several new spaces in administrative, event coordination, and marketing positions, each to take on aspects of Jordan’s own role that required additional support. 

    “I’m grateful to have Jordan not just as a supervisor but as a mentor as well,” says Marketing Strategist, Sara Holloway. “Jordan often speaks about the support that she has received in her growth with M&G, then turns around and does the exact same thing for us on her team. She can see the potential and opportunity in something and then puts the work in to make sure it happens. Jordan’s truly a backbone to our agency. We wouldn’t function the way we do without her.” 

    With the department’s expansion and agency growth, Jordan saw an evolution of her own. “Every two years or so,” she begins, “we’d sit down and basically rewrite my job description.” She describes the process of getting to analyze what she loves doing, where her strengths were, and how she’d like to grow.  

    She expresses gratitude at the opportunity to be in a role “curated” for her rather than being given a list of tasks with a title attached to it. This coupling of Jordan’s unique talents and the agency’s needs has proved beneficial for everyone. “I feel so invested in now, to be here in a position that was truly crafted for me,” she says. “They recognized my uniqueness and gave me opportunities to grow, believing in me right from the beginning.” 

    What keeps Jordan at M&G, she says, is the alignment of mission and connection she feels to the people within the agency. “I trust M&G,” Jordan says, “And I trust they have my best interest at heart because that’s the kind of support I’ve seen and experienced.”   

    Now a shareholder within our agency, Jordan has grown as a staple in our leadership. Her continued efforts allow the agency to keep reaching its goals. “We’ve seen so much growth in the past ten years,” she says, “And I just know, with all we have planned, there’s even more to come.” 

    With exciting challenges on the horizon, Jordan expresses a passionate energy in thinking about the future. “We aren’t slowing down,” Jordan says, with an eagerness. “So that means continuing to invest in our people, creating new opportunities, and trying things out. And that’s a really inspiring thing to be a part of.” 

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