Gift Yourself Peace of Mind This Holiday Season

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    Gift Yourself Peace of Mind This Holiday Season

    During the festivities of the season, the last thing you want to worry about is a costly insurance claim. An avoidable accident or emergency can quickly turn your holiday from merry to miserable.

    This year, gift yourself peace of mind by ensuring the safety and protection of your business, your employees, and your assets.

    To keep the festivities cheery and bright and avoid some of the most common insurance claims this holiday season, follow this list below (and check it twice!)

    1.    Decorate Safely: Protect flammable décor and keep walkways clear

    • With all the festivities at the workplace, mind the proper application and placement of any extra power cords or potentially flammable décor.
    • Place all flammable décor such as paper, garland, or wreaths away from heat sources or open flames. Don’t leave any burning candles unattended and consider switching out flame candles for LEDs or wax melts instead.
    • If you have a live holiday tree in the office, ensure it’s well-watered to keep it from drying out and becoming a fire hazard. If artificial, make sure it’s “fire-resistant” and kept away from any heat sources.
    • Don’t let your tree or any other décor block walkways or emergency exits!

    2.    Mind the Power Cords: Don’t overload your extensions or breakers

    • Decorating your office space with holiday lights can add a special touch during the holidays but keep in mind the extra strain on your electric capacity. Don’t overload extension cords or surge your building’s breakers.
    • Be mindful of where any extra cords or electric décor is plugged into as not to create a hazard in the walkways or workspaces.
    • Where possible, opt for LED bulbs (which consume less energy and produce less heat).

    3.    Clear the Way: Attend to any slippery, icy, or uneven pathways

    • If you’re in an area that gets heavy rain or snow, be ready to clear or de-ice your walkways when needed. If paths get rain-soaked or flooded, have cautionary signage ready to alert passersby to avoid accidents or injuries.
    • Ensure that all walkways and paths are properly lit whether accessed by foot or vehicle so anyone coming in or out can have a clear view at any time of day.
    • Check the spaces around your workplace for weather damage to paths, stairs, ramps, or railings that could cause accidents or injuries. Repairs or cautionary signage may be necessary.

    4.    On the Road: Review insurance coverage on company vehicles and drivers

    • If you have employees on the road in company vehicles or moving company cargo, make sure everything is well maintained, up to code, and properly insured.
    • With an increased number of drivers on the road, the likelihood of accidents is on the rise. Ensure the safety and protection of your employees and your assets.

    5.    Not On My Watch: Protect against theft using proper lighting and security systems

    • With all the festivities, don’t let basic protocols fall by the wayside. Ensure proper power down at the end of the workday and working operation of all safety lights and signage. Keep doors and windows locked and avoid leaving equipment or valuables where they could be stolen or accessed without authorization.
    • Remember your digital security as well by practicing proper digital hygiene and reviewing your cyber security measures. Ensure staff is trained in proper cyber safety protocols and review your cyber insurance policy, updating as necessary.

    While we hope the New Year rings in a sense of security and warm familiarity to our workplaces, we at Morris & Garritano know what it takes to be prepared.

    One thing you can control is the protection of your company. Give yourself peace of mind this holiday season by ensuring your operations are properly covered so you can start the new year knowing your company, employees, and assets are protected.

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