Jan 26, 2023

Annual Cyber Security Awareness Reminder

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    Annual Cyber Security Awareness Reminder


    As a measure of proactive communication, we want to remind you that business email compromise and other social engineering attacks are rampant. We’re seeing a rise in cyber crime targeting businesses of all sizes.


    A scam may begin with an email that appears to be from a trusted contact. Once opened, the scammer may attempt to steal data by having the viewer click a link or login to something. Furthermore, individuals may be led to believe they are making legitimate payments when actually, they are transferring funds into a fraudulent account instead.
    Educate yourself and empower your employees to be your frontline of defense. Paired with proper training and vigilant measures, cyber insurance can protect you in the event of criminal targeting.

    As a reminder, we at Morris & Garritano will NEVER notify you of a change of banking details by email, post, or text message. Additionally, if you receive an email from M&G requesting your bank details or requesting monies always telephone your main contact at our offices immediately to confirm the legitimacy of the request and details before making any payment.

    For more information or questions about cyber insurance coverage, you may reach out to your Risk Advisor at any time or contact our team.


    What "covered" should feel like.

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