Feb 04, 2022

Communicating Benefits to Your Employees

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    Communicating Benefits to Your Employees

    Health insurance plans can be notoriously intimidating and difficult to understand for their beneficiaries. The programs you offer your staff are an important part of the total compensation package. It’s vital to your staff’s overall satisfaction that you are communicating benefits to your employees so that they understand what care is available to them and how to access it.


    With the start of the new year, employees who have re-enrolled or are newly enrolled in benefits plans are looking to take advantage of the programs available to them.

    Luzette Graves, the Medical Case Manager at Morris & Garritano, encourages employers to understand the offerings within their provided healthcare plan. “It’s important for HR professionals to find the time to get familiar with the package in advance so that when a crisis occurs, you are knowledgeable and comfortable referring your employee either directly to the program or to our advocacy services at M&G for assistance.”

    It’s up to your HR department or equivalent management to be proactive in bridging the common gap and disconnect in the communication of plan benefits to employees. This ensures your company and staff are getting the best value out of your investment. This begins first with your management team’s comprehensive understanding of the benefits plan, its inclusions, and how beneficiaries can access it.

    If you haven’t already, begin reviewing your benefits plan offerings and make yourself aware of any new features that may be available.



    One significant option that your employees should be made aware of, if available to them, is Telehealth coverage. Telehealth is becoming standardized in many medical plans and may likely be a part of the plan offered to your staff. This newer type of coverage has been in increasingly high demand by employees and their families and will likely be a key feature in your medical plan offerings.

    Also called Telemedicine, Telehealth allows users to connect with their doctor via webcam from their computer or mobile device. Here, patients are able to meet with a medical professional to receive expert advice from the comfort of their home avoiding potential travel difficulties or long office wait times. Over Telemedicine appointments, doctors are able to offer a variety of regular services such as treating common issues, prescribing medications, and ordering COVID-19 tests.

    Telehealth has eased numerous difficulties in healthcare access for many, particularly in the past couple of years, and is easily accessible to beneficiaries.


    EAP & Mental Health

    Another trending and especially important aspect of health care this year is an EAP or Employee Assistance Program. These employer-sponsored mental health programs are becoming standardized with healthcare packages in response to the increasing demand from employees and research linking mental health to workplace satisfaction and productivity.

    If your company offers an EAP, your staff must be aware of its offering and how to access the care it provides. For your employees to take the most advantage of the EAP available to them, it’s important to make sure the full listing of their benefits is well communicated so that your workforce knows what they have and how to access it. This benefits both you and your employees in the long run.


    Best Methods of Communication

    You know your business best and what communication methods are effective in getting your staff’s attention and translating information. Understand what works well within your workplace and integrate regular benefits plan communication within that.

    Below are a few ideas to get you started:

    • Promote attendance at the Open Enrollment meetings each year
    • Post information about EAP or telehealth offerings in your office
    • Utilize your company’s internal network and existing digital communication channels to share information and updates
    • Have employees sign up for our new, employee-focused M&G Wellness Newsletter



    Offering a robust healthcare benefits package is just the first step in caring for and investing in your employees. It’s incomplete without the final act of clearly communicating full offerings and accessibility of their available care.

    By protecting the care and well-being of your workforce, you can protect and prosper your business. Whether you’re initiating the rollout of a new EAP, enhancing one already in place, or looking to better educate your staff on their existing benefits, our team at M&G can help you along the process by offering support in any way you need.

    You can speak with our professional team of advocates at (855) 662-1029 or AdvocateServices@morrisgarritano.com. You can also find resources online at morrisgarritano.com.

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