Sep 20, 2023

Career Story: Sierra Hatton

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    Career Story: Sierra Hatton


    Leaning into her academic background in English, Sierra Hatton brought a fresh perspective to her role and found her niche in the industry.  

    Learn more about her journey and how she developed her career with M&G. 


    Celebrating ten years at Morris & Garritano, Sierra Hatton has seen tremendous growth in both the company and herself. Working now in our Employee Benefits department, she’s found a love for a role that she once never knew existed. Her evolution is a testament to the power of knowing your strengths and demonstrating an unwavering commitment to excellence. 

    From the start, Sierra had a keen eye for detail and a knack for thinking outside the box. With an academic background in English Literature, she found a unique way to bring her passions into the insurance industry and find her niche. 

    Joining our agency right out of school, Sierra brought an acute skillset to her role. Helping build Employee Open Enrollment & New Hire Packets, her copy-editing skills came to the forefront, going above and beyond simple assembly to catch opportunities for improvement within the material’s wording and content. 

    “When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a writer,” Sierra explains. “My plan throughout school was to create things that inspire and educate people.” Bringing this mindset into her role with M&G, it wasn’t long before her unique potential was realized as a perfect match for a need within the organization. 

    From there, more opportunities to review, edit, and revise these packets became a key focus of Sierra’s role. Her compassion for the reader, paired with her abilities, brought valuable improvements to our materials. During her tenure, Sierra rose through the ranks to serve now as our Employee Benefits Analyst in the Marketing department where her work does indeed inspire and educate. 

    “The market changes all the time, and our work requires strong partnerships and collaboration with carriers, team members, and advisors,” explains Carisa Haynes, Employee Benefits Marketing Manager. “Sierra is skilled at building these relationships and finding solutions that serve our clients. She approaches her work thoughtfully and strategically, always going the extra mile to anticipate needs and be proactive.” 

    Sierra’s deep connection to M&G is anchored in the agency’s allowing her to grow with it through dynamic evolution during the past decade. “The M&G I started with ten years ago is way different than it is today,” she explains. Similarly, Sierra is different than she was all those years ago, too. 

    As the company transformed and refined its processes, Sierra has seen her own journey. She emphasizes the mutual growth that has kept her engaged and motivated. “Through the years, we’ve gained processes and efficiencies that have made us who we are today.” Relating this to her own development, she continues, “I found this niche I’m interested in, and I’m good at, but it’s not anything I would have ever imagined I’d be doing!” 

    What sets M&G apart for Sierra is an unwavering commitment to nurturing talent and fostering an environment where employees can thrive. “Every day is different, and you’re always experiencing new challenges,” Sierra enthuses. M&G’s culture of inclusivity and support has empowered Sierra to excel, pushing her to think creatively and find innovative solutions. 

    “I’ve seen Sierra grow tremendously during her time on the team,” Carisa shares. “She soaks up knowledge, listens intently, and asks thoughtful questions. She wants to put her best work forward and is cognizant of the importance of details and accuracy. Sierra exemplifies our mission and core values, looking at every opportunity as a chance to learn and grow.” 

    Thinking about her future at M&G, Sierra’s enthusiasm is palpable. “The possibilities are endless,” she says, envisioning her continued involvement in the agency’s work. “We definitely have a bright future, and I love that people love working here too.” 

    Sierra’s story reminds us that a career path is not a linear trajectory; rather, it’s a journey defined by passion. As she came to find her niche in the industry, Sierra’s unique path reminds us of the potential that lies within each of us to shape our careers and make meaningful contributions in unexpected ways. 

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