Mar 02, 2023

Career Story: Nick Sullivan

Nick Sullivan, Career Story, Family Photo

    Career Story: Nick Sullivan


    Nick’s career story is a shining example of what can happen when you invest in your employees and provide them with opportunities for growth. From starting as a college intern to rising through the ranks, Nick’s dedication and drive for personal and professional development have made him an invaluable asset to our team.

    Learn more about Nick’s journey and how he found his passion for the insurance industry.


    At Morris & Garritano, we believe in the significance of investing in our employees and fostering their growth through support and mentorship. Of the many notable career paths among our ranks, Nick Sullivan stands out as someone who embodies this philosophy, taking advantage of opportunities and making the most of them.

    Starting as a college intern through our original pilot program, Nick’s hard work and commitment paid off as he rose to the position of Risk Management Director. His dedication and drive for personal and professional development have made him an invaluable asset to our team.

    It was during his junior year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, while pursuing his degree in Economics with a concentration in finance and statistics, Nick was first exposed to the insurance world when an insurance actuary came to speak in one of his classes. Realizing the intersection of risk and statistics, Nick developed a curiosity to learn more about the industry. Businesses of all sizes need insurance to manage risk and Nick was drawn to this idea of working in a field that leveraged his analytical strengths while getting an opportunity to help individual businesses and the economy.

    At a career fair the following year, Nick remembers seeking out anyone from the insurance industry to begin a conversation. It was here he was first introduced to Morris & Garritano. He applied to the first season of our pilot intern program, was selected, and began as an administrative assistant to the accounting team.

    During his summer internship, Nick met Martine Domingues, who was the Commercial Lines Marketing Supervisor at the time. Martine took Nick under her wing and showed him the ropes of commercial insurance. Nick was hooked, and after his internship ended, he worked part-time at M&G during his senior year. Once he graduated, M&G offered him a full-time position in the Commercial Lines Marketing department.

    “I loved working in marketing because it was a constant learning experience,” he explains. “I found enjoyment in assessing a diverse array of industries and operations.” Nick was also drawn to the analytical side of marketing, which involved assessing our client’s exposure to risk and how to strategically position the risk to negotiate the most favorable terms with underwriting. He welcomed and excelled in the competitive nature of the job where he was able to support the sales team and share in their victories.

    Four years into his tenure, Nick was promoted to supervisor of the Commercial Lines Marketing department. In this position, he was able to further his knowledge of the industry, develop collaborative relationships with our carrier partners, and support a growing team. He rose as a strong leader in this role, leveraging his skills and experience.

    Three years later, when the Risk Management Director role opened up, Nick saw another opportunity to advance his career. He talked to Martine and after researching the position and with her continued support and mentorship, decided to apply. Nick was a natural fit for the role, and he was able to bring his experience in risk  analysis,  strategy, and product knowledge to the table.

    “Nick is consistently calm, cool, and collected under pressure, he is known for being thoughtful and measured, and is easily approachable making asking him for help a breeze for staff,” says Martine, Property & Casualty Director. “He takes on challenge after challenge, energized by the idea of learning and growing in his career, and helping others on his team do the same. His is reliable, helpful, and strategic – we are lucky to have his talents on our team.”

    In his current role as Risk Management Director, he oversees the agency’s value-add services offerings – safety and risk control, claims consulting and advocacy, HR consulting, and compliance. He pushes us to innovate and think differently about how we deliver for our customers. Through the peak of the pandemic, he researched new ways to help clients, implementing online and virtual safety tools, , to maintain continuity of services during a time of need.

    With his passion for the industry and support from our leaders, Nick has found a career path that aligns with his goals and highlights his strengths. His contributions to our agency have not gone unnoticed, and we are immensely grateful to have him on our team.

    Nick’s career story is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and a willingness to seize opportunities. ” It’s been a constant learning experience with a lot of growth” I am grateful for the support I’ve received from my mentors and the entire team at M&G.”

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