Nov 12, 2022

Career Story: Jennifer Fultz

Jennifer Fultz, Career Story, Photo

    Career Story: Jennifer Fultz


    Beginning early on in our administrative department, Jennifer Fultz now occupies a unique position supporting a crucial part of our mission: developing and engaging our employees.

    Recognized for her masterful planning and strategic insight, Jennifer brings immense positivity to our workplace in a role that both satisfies her goals and utilizes her greatest strengths, making her a vital asset to our team.


    At Morris & Garritano, we believe an engaged workplace is a productive workplace. This means we aren’t satisfied with the status quo; we want to be a company of people who love what they do.

    Our agency is routinely recognized for being an industry leader when it comes to workplace culture and satisfaction. This is a result of our commitment to investing in the personal and professional development of our people while providing opportunities for us to come together and connect as a team. Positioned at the center of this mission is Jennifer Fultz.

    Serving now as our Employee Experience Manager, Jennifer oversees the creation and implementation of strategic initiatives intended to positively impact the work habits and advancement of our teams. Her efforts provide critical support to our people, allowing us to better serve our clients and achieve our goals.

    Joining M&G in 2013, Jennifer began working in our administrative department. Her work included the coordination of office parties and events as well as assisting in welcoming and onboarding new hires. Perfectly positioned in the crossflow of various agency departments, she was able to absorb the culture of the company and gain an understanding of where support was needed and what could be done about it.

    Jennifer found a natural talent for enhancing positivity in the workplace and transitioned into HR operations, exercising greater influence over the employee experience. Leveraging her background in event planning, agency functions were expanded and taken to the next level. She facilitated new activities such as family picnics, more frequent “Bunker Days,” and company-wide participation in community volunteer events.

    With her help, M&G built a reputation of hosting top-notch employee events. Creating intentional opportunities like these to come together as a team promoted valuable conversation and meaningful connection among our people. (And plenty of laughs many still fondly look back on years later!)

    Returning from maternity leave in April of 2020, Jennifer reflects on having come back to what she calls “an entirely different world.” The office was quiet. What was once a space bustling with energy sat still.

    With employee engagement still an operative priority, Jennifer’s role found a natural evolution, shifting to focus entirely on implementing creative ways to keep our people connected and supported. “It became a critical piece of business at that point,” she explains.

    At M&G, we’ve always prided ourselves on our culture, but a strong workforce means more than just entertainment. Employees want to feel invested in and supported on a deeper level. Pairing her talents with the agency’s goals, our Employee Engagement team was established with Jennifer working collaboratively to advance our learning and development initiatives, enhance our peer recognition program, and implement stronger feedback structures positioned to encourage and empower our people.

    Colleague Jacen Spector, Learning & Development Program Manager, praises Jennifer for having a “true understanding of the culture of our business and its needs as we grow.” He continues, expressing, “Engaged and successful employees are the only way that M&G is going to be able to achieve its goals, and Jennifer’s work is a huge supporting factor in making that happen,” emphasizing her ability to partner, lead, and deliver reliable results.

    From onboarding to career development, personal wellness, peer recognition, events and competitions, and, of course, our legendary Employee Appreciation parties, Jennifer’s efforts have allowed our people to feel valued. Her work has become synonymous with the culture of engagement, support, and development at M&G.

    “You no longer have to be an in-person employee to have a good experience,” Employee Benefits & Corporate Development Director, Zheila Pouraghabagher, says. “Jennifer has created an environment where remote and hybrid employees can feel connected with their peers, no matter the distance between them.” Angela Toomey, Human Resources Director, echos this saying, “Jennifer takes the agency’s values and brings them to life by creating a space where it’s easy to love what you do.”

    With a track record of proven results, Jennifer is regarded as a thought leader and innovator in our industry. She serves as a role model for our peers whose companies aim to replicate the programs and initiatives she’s brought to life within our agency. Praising the quality of her work and innovation, Jacen says, “What Jennifer does in this space rivals that of companies five times our size.”

    Looking to the future and noting our agency’s growth, Jennifer shares her excitement for the opportunities ahead. She’s passionate about providing an impactful employee experience and is eager to continue her efforts to further our goals and deliver results.

    “I want people to feel a personal connection to their work,” Jennifer says. “For me, M&G feels like home. I feel like a part of the company. I want that for everyone, for them to feel that sense of belonging as well. That’s why we do what we do.”

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