Feb 02, 2023

35% of Workplace Injuries Occur During First Year

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    35% of Workplace Injuries Occur During First Year


    Did you know that 35% of workplace injuries occur during an employee’s first year on the jobsite?  Understand the latest findings on first-year injury claims from the 2022 Injury Impact Report by Travelers and help keep your staff trained and your workplace safe. 


    Last year, Travelers released its 2022 Injury Impact Report, which analyzed more than 1.5 million workers compensation claims over a five-year period (2015-2019). This study provided numerous insights, most notably, revealing that more than a third of injury claims occur during the employee’s first year on the job. Lack of work site experience and knowledge of operations makes for higher risk. You as the employer can be aware of these common vulnerabilities and better equip your staff to be proactive and vigilant. 


    Common Injury Claims 

    According to Travelers, the most common causes of first-year injuries were overexertion (accounting for 27% of claims); slips, trips, and falls (22%); being struck by an object (14%); cuts and punctures (6%); being caught in or between objects (6%); and motor vehicle accidents (6%). 

    However, the most expensive claims, which only made up 8% of total claims but accounted for 26% of total claim costs, were amputations, multiple traumas, electric shock, and dislocations. These types of injuries can have a significant impact on an individual’s ability to work and can result in costly medical expenses. 


    Higher Risk Workplaces 

    The restaurant industry experienced the most claims from first-year employees, with 53% of the claims involving the newest workers and representing 47% of total claim costs. The construction industry was a close second, with nearly half of all claims coming from those who were new to the job, driving 52% of the industry’s claim costs.  

    These industries, as well as others, should take determined steps to ensure the safety of their employees, especially those who are new to the job. 


    Injury Claims Leading to Lost Time 

    First-year injuries led to more than 6 million lost workdays over the five-year period studied, representing 37% of all lost days. Among all worker injuries over the same period, construction workers on average missed the most workdays (98) due to an injury, followed by employees in transportation (88) and those in services (69), which includes businesses such as legal, engineering, and accounting firms. 

    Dislocation and inflammation injuries resulted in the most time away from work on average, at 132 and 82 workdays, respectively. Strains and falls both caused workers to miss an average of 69 workdays, followed by motor vehicle accidents (61) and being struck by an object (59). It’s important for workers to take proper precautions to prevent these types of injuries and for employers to provide a safe working environment. 


    Prioritizing Safety Training 

    A great way to help prevent first-year injuries, the resulting claims costs, and lost workdays is to prioritize the screening of candidates during the hiring process and providing robust onboarding once hired. 

    Ensuring that new hires have the necessary skills and experience for the job can help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. It’s important to provide regular, updated safety training for all employees, especially those who are new to the job.  

    By investing in the safety of your employees, you can create a safer and more productive work environment for everyone. 


    Protecting What Matters 

    The studies in the Injury Impact Report provides valuable insights into the most common and costly first-year injury claims giving employers a visualization into where risk lies and how to proactively combat potential accidents. It’s crucial for employers to prioritize the safety of their employees to prevent these types of injuries and the resulting costs and lost workdays. 

    The team at Morris & Garritano is here to help ensure a safe and healthy workplace. By being aware of potential hazards and risk, we help our clients create efficient workplaces with capable employees. For questions about your workplace or the injury claims process, reach out to your Risk Advisor anytime or contact our team.

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